About Us

Welcome to w3teacher.net. Here you can find a number of technical tutorial which may help you. Mostly you will find programming tutorials of various languages.

List of Programming languages we focus on

1) Java 

Java is a very popular programming language which is used in software development. As we know Android apps are also developed using java so it is very popular among mobile app developers.

2) Unity C#

C# is very similar to java. This language is popular for unity game engine. Unity is a very popular game engine and most of mobile games are made in unity. Also main reason to developers for choosing unity is that it is free.

3) PHP 

PHP is very popular for web development as its name stand for Personal Home Page. This language is easy to use and this is one of oldest web programming language.

4) HTML 

HTML is not a programming language. It is a Markup language which is used is front end of web pages.

At w3teacher.net, we also try to provide readymade scripts which will help you alot. For example in unity, people need a simple script which controls cars. So we provide these type of scripts so you do not need to write them manually. Also we provide some php functions which will ease your work.

Also at w3teacher.net, you can find some blender tutorials. Blender is a free software which is used for 3d modeling. Demand of 3d modeling is going to increase because metaverse is coming.

So keep atleast one skill for your future and you do not need to join a collage for skills. You can find a lot of tutorial for your skills. Grab your favourite skill and keep working on it. More you practice, more your are closer to perfect. It is true that nobody is perfect and no one is going to be perfect but no one can deney improvement. So learn skill, and improve it. Do not hurry, things take time but at the end you will get what you want. Do not create pressure on your mind during learning. Because after sometime you will become frustrated and may be you give up. So, keep patience in life.
Thanks for visiting w3teacher.net.