What Is Unity Game Engine | Full Details Of Unity3D

Unity game engine is a very popular ge engine. This engine is so popular that a report says that 80% of games on playstore are made in unity. Best things about this game engine is that is is free of cost for beginners and you can do all the works with free version. Only players can see a splash logo of about one second of unity logo which is ok. Unity engine is good for 3d and 2d game development. Also this game engine have a very good support team and you can get answers of any questions.

What is Unity

Pros Of unity

1) Unity is free.
There is a free version of unity which is very good for learners. In todays time most of the softwares are paid or subscription base. But here unity is free and it attracts new learners to take a try.

2) Unity use C# ( C sharp)
Unity3D game engine use c# for programming. C# is a object oriented programming language and very user friendly. If you know java language then it is very fast to learn c#. Most of string function, array functions are same in both java and c#. C# is easy to learn to people prefer this because is take less time to learn.

3) One of best community
Unity game engine have a very good community. If you have any problem related to unity then you can search on their forum. You can find answer of any questions related to unity. Also most indie game developer use unity and they have their YouTube channel so their are a lot of tutorial you can watch.

4) Cross Platform Support
One of best this about unity engine is that you can export your game to various platforms. For example your one code can be built into Android, iphone, windows, webgl and ps4. Only you have to switch target platform.

5) Unity asset store
Unity has its own asset store where developers can find a lot of assets and add-ons. Even though there are paid assets but for beginners there are a number of free asset which they can use in game. For example if you have great knowledge of programming but you have no knowledge of photo editing. Now you can no make UI for your games. Here Unity asset store helps a lot. You can simply search and import UI. Also if you are a programmer and want to make a car racing game. But you are not a modler and can not make your own cars and road. Now you can import free cars from Asset Store. There a lot of free cars and road assets in Unity Asset Store. But before using them please Read their Licence terms carefully.

5) Visual Scripting
Yes, unity does have visual scripting and if you do not want to write codes or you are not a programmer then you can go for visual scripting. So you can use visual scripting for no coding. But it is good advice to learn coding sidewise. If you are using visual Scripting then it is good, but on the other hand keep learning c# because with coding there are lot of doors opened. So, yes, you can make games in unity without coding with visual scripting. Also unity is improving their visual scripting.

Popular Game Made In Unity
Even it is free, do not misunderstood unity as a engine for beginners. A lot of big companies use Unity 3D engine. Here are some list of some great games made in Unity.

1) COD mobile
Call Of Duty is a very popular game And company launch their mobile version of COD. And this game is made from Unity. Now if you see the graphics of the game then you will understand what is capacity of unity.

2) Getting Over It
Yes, Getting over it is one of the frustrating game which is based on physics. This game is a indie game but it is very popular game. Developer also launched his mobile version of Getting Over It.

3) Among Us

4) Fall Guys

So if you are interested in making games then unity may be a good choice for you. It is easy to learn and free to use. Also as you can get assets for free sl go ahead. Also they have their own Ad network which you can use for your mobile game and make revenue.

Unity QnA
Q) Is Unity3D Game engine free ?
A) Yes, base version of unity is free but you can upgrade to Plus or Pro version.

Q) Can I remove Unity Logo From game ?
A) Yes, you have to purchase plus or pro version of Unity. In free version Unity Logo will appear at start of game.

Q) Which Programming Languages Does unity use ?
A) C#

Q) Can I make games in unity without coding ?
A) Yes, there is a functionality called visual scripting. Using visual scripting you can make games in unity without programming knowledge.

Q) Can I make HTML5 games from unity ?
A) Yes, you can. But you have to use a package called Unity Tiny. You can make webgl games from unity but some browsers specially some mobile web browsers do not support webgl. But if you make games using unity Tiny project then output will be pure HTML5
and it will be extremely fast. You can test some examples at github.

Q) Can I use unity for making 2D games ?
A) Absolutely, unity if good for both 3D and 2D games.

Q) Can i use Java in unity ?
A) No, but if you know java then you can easily learn C# because it is very similar to java.

Q) Can I make HD games in unity ?
A) Yes, for making high quality games in unity you can use HDRP.
Hdrp means High Definition Render Pipeline. But if you are beginner then do no go for hdrp because it is a little complicated to move project in hdrp. Also it is a little tricky to migrate Unity standard materials to hdrp as you can not directly use material from standard.

Q) Can I use Unity Asset Store assets in my game commercially ?
A) Depends upon license but most of assets are allowed to be used commercially. But it is advised to read their Licence terms.

We hope you will like this post and you will get to know about unity. If you are willing to become a mobile game developer then go for unity. Also if you have small team or you are single person then use unity game engine.

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